List of books by Author Darius Foroux


Darius Foroux is an author, entrepreneur, and blogger who was born in Iran in 1985. He grew up in the Netherlands and studied business administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam. After graduation, he worked in various corporate roles, including marketing and business development. In 2015, Foroux left his corporate job to start his own online business. He began blogging about productivity, habits, and personal development, and quickly gained a following. He has since published several books and has been featured in publications such as Inc., Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

Foroux is known for his practical, no-nonsense approach to personal development. He emphasizes the importance of taking action towards our goals, and provides practical strategies for overcoming obstacles and achieving success. Darius Foroux is an author, entrepreneur, and blogger who writes about productivity, habits, and personal development. He has published several books, including:

“Do It Today: Overcome Procrastination, Improve Productivity, and Achieve More Meaningful Things”: This book is all about tackling procrastination and taking action towards achieving our goals. Foroux provides practical advice on how to improve our productivity and overcome the mental barriers that prevent us from getting things done | Read Summary >>

“Think Straight: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life”: In this book, Foroux emphasizes the importance of our thoughts in shaping our lives. He provides strategies for developing a more positive mindset and overcoming negative thought patterns | Read Summary >>

“Win Your Inner Battles: Defeat The Enemy Within and Live With Purpose”: This book focuses on the inner battles we face in life, such as self-doubt, fear, and anxiety. Foroux shares his personal experiences and provides actionable advice on how to overcome these obstacles and live a more purposeful life | Read Summary >>

“The Procrastination Handbook: Master Time Management and Boost Productivity”: As the title suggests, this book is all about overcoming procrastination and improving time management. Foroux provides practical tips and strategies for getting things done and achieving our goals | Read Summary >>

“Serious About Success: Inspiring Personal Stories and Insights to Take Action, Commit to the Grind, and Do the Work”: This book is a collection of inspiring personal stories from successful people, along with Foroux’s insights on what it takes to achieve success. The book emphasizes the importance of hard work, perseverance, and taking action towards our goals.

“The Side Hustle Blueprint: How to Make an Extra $1000 per Month Without Quitting Your Day Job”: In this book, Foroux provides practical advice on starting a side hustle and making extra money. He shares his personal experiences and provides tips on how to find the right idea, build an audience, and monetize your side hustle.

“Unstoppable: 10x Your Success by Developing an Unstoppable Mindset”: This book is all about developing an unstoppable mindset and achieving extraordinary success. Foroux provides strategies for overcoming obstacles, developing resilience, and taking bold action towards our goals.

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